So, to celebrate the 500th episode of Friendly Hostility (actually the 550th, as I was busy for the 500th episode and, uh, forgot), there was a contest held known as The Hostile Takeover Contest. I just like typing that in bold. The winner gets a drawing of the character of their choice and a walk-on role in the comic; the two runners up get a drawing of the character of their choice.

First Place
Carl Andrews made a glass version of Leslie Rudd's pet triffid. How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome, that's how awesome it is. I cannot stop typing the word "awesome." Check out more beautiful glasswork at his Etsy store.
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Runners Up
Cathy Johnson presents us with this stunning picture of Fatima writing a quick note to Amanda. I love all the little details in this drawing, such as the wallpaper and Fatima's underarm hair. :)   YaoSnoozie made a snow Collin - and then made a comic about a snow Collin being made. See, that's why I thought it was cool.
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Honorable Mentions
Marit fp made sexy nurse cookies for Uncle Rafi. These crack me up everytime I look at them. May not be worksafe, depending on your workplace's policy regarding naughty baking. contest [1] [2] [3]
Blueleopard87 also made a cookie that Uncle Rafi would enjoy. contest [1] [2] [3] [4]
You know that strip where Derringer compared the staff of the Daily Warning to Spongebob characters? Catrina has drawn upon that to create this. Fox as Squidward still makes me giggle. contest
How do you follow up nurse cookies for Rafi? A hat for Padma, of course. Marit fp made the hat, in both evil and non-evil (well, "sleeping evil") modes. contest [1] [2] [3]
I am a sucker for drawings of Fatima in Alaska. Flynn figured this out. contest
You know Cathy, the runner up who drew Fatima? Cathy also made Derringer's "Hello!" sunshine shirt. contest [1] [2] [3]
Iona C. drew Padma and Rafi in space. What more could a person want? contest
I spoke too soon. You could want evidence of Elliot R. Bun's visist to Houston, Texas, courtesy of Jill E. Elliot in Houston.
Kate Bresnahan made this drawing of Derringer and his faithful companion. contest
I'd like to say that the moodiness of this piece won me over, but if I'm being honest, it's all about the "Rub a Dub Dub, Bears in a Tub" in the background of panel one. The rest is good, too, though so Kaiti should feel pretty darn good about it. contest
Know what I said about how I like drawings of Fatima in Alaska? Mike figured this out, too. I like the feel to this piece. contest
Paxie knit an Elliot and took photos of him with her cat and her action figures. Knit Elliot is knit.
You might know Maritza Campos' work from CRFH; now, she sends this drawing of Fox and Collin. Thank you, Maritza! contest
Tarrin made a series of lovely necklaces for the ladies of FH.
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[Kitty] [Nefertari] [Bootsie/Anne]
I'm a hard sell when it comes to fanfic about my own characters. So what does it take to get me to like a fanfic? Zombies. Hit the nail on the head there, Slob Child. Slob child's fanfic
Renee C wrote a sweet poem about enjoying the comic. Renee's poem.