Who're you?

I'm Sandra. I draw and write this comic. I'm a rogue scientist and fashionista, gayer than a bushel of rainbows, and a big fan of breakfast food at non-breakfast times.

How do you make the comic?

Bic mechanical pencils, hybrid gel ink pens, and standard computer paper. I know, hardly sophisticated, is it? Anyway, I'll sketch the comic, ink over it, and scan it. And that's it. That's how the magic happens. Sometimes Suedy's Chocolate Sushi is involved.

Do you do commissioned artwork?

Not at this point. Thank you for your interest, though!

Do you accept donations?

That is right sweet of you to offer. Donations really help out with my tuition and general living expenses, so yes, I accept them. Contact me for my PayPal address.

Will you ever go back to the other comic you used to do?

No plans for it right now, but hey, never say never.

Do you mind fanart being made about your characters? Or icons/avatars/other graphics being made?

I don't mind. Fanart is awesome and always makes me happy, but I might not get the chance to put it on the site at this point. Feel free to make graphics of any sort - a link to the comic somewhere would be nice, but as long as you're not claiming the artwork as your own, hey, I have no issue.